If you have issues or concerns, suggestions for our association, or need to Contact us, feel free to write us by just clicking on the red email link below CNPAFRASERVALLEY@gmail.com

we will get back to you as soon as we can

Morneau Shepell Ltd.                             Morneau Shepell Ltd.

CN Pensions & Benefits Admin.           CN Pensions & Benefits Admin

P.O. Box 8111,                                           600 de Maisonneuve Blvd. W.

Montreal, PQ   H3C 3N3                          6th Floor, Suite 660

Phone:   1-800-361-0739                          Montreal, PQ   H3A 3J4

Fax:       (514) 284-7488



For all Blue Cross claim inquiries: 


Pacific Blue Cross

P.O. Box 7000, Vancouver, BC  V6B 4E1

Claims:                 (604) 419-2381

Toll Free:              1-888-873-9200

Travel only:         (604) 419-2200

Toll Free:              1-800-873-2583


Head Office in Montreal:

Toll Free               1-800-456-6595 ext. 8420


To obtain a copy of the CN Pensioners Health Care Plan effective Jan 2011, go to www.cnpensioners.org and click on the health care tab.  Look under documents and it will show Blue Cross Manual.  You can then print it on your computer.  It is several pages long.  


For Blue Cross Claim Forms, go to www.medavie.bluecross.ca, use the 10 digit policy number located on your Blue Cross card.